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Full Year Readings - What does the new year hold for you? A month by month guide to the new year with tailor made advice, tips and guidance just for you. January only.    

Short Readings - 30 minutes to answer specific questions or to look at an aspect of your life e.g love life and happiness.

Long Readings - A full hour for an in-depth look at all aspects of your life including what the future holds.

Party Readings - Why not hold a party in the comfort of your own home? Party readings designed to your own requirements are available on request.  

Shamanic Divination - Seek the guidance of the compassionate helping spirits. Ask a question about your life and receive a tailor made answer just for you.  

Mask and Alter Work - A longer, more expensive form of divination that allows the Goddess to offer her guidance and wisdom.

All readings are typed or burned onto CD.

For over twenty years I have offered the guidance of the tarot to assist people in their lives.  Later I added other methods including shamanic divination, omenology and prophecy and the wonderful teaching of the Native American wisdom.  I continue to study and train with the aim of being a true technician of the sacred.  

Getting Answers.

Many methods of divination work by accessing and unlocking the answers held in your unconscious mind allowing that mysterious part of you to have a voice.  

Readings based on your needs:

Let me help you

I work on a one to one basis from my home or I can make arrangements to come to you for individual readings or parties. Please get in touch today to book a session

Training and Experience.

SEEK Advice & Guidance.

Readings designed just for you!

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