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Truly clean your home of detrimental energies to restore a sense of balance and harmony to your life.

Does your home or business need a healing?

Do you feel 'at home' in your home? Or, is your home making you ill? Do you feel tired and drained or simply feel stuck? Are you experiencing unwelcome spirit activity or having difficulty sleeping? Are you feeling spooked or simply ill at ease in your home? Is your home built on land that has suffered trauma? Has the nature of your relationship changed since moving to a new home? All of these can indicate that a space clearing is needed to clear away and re-balance the energy of the past. Is your business failing or do you sense that something is wrong? Does your business no longer attract clients and feel dull and jaded? Is your business attracting a lot of negativity? Space healing can identify the cause of the problem and offer a powerful and positive solution.

How do I know if my home needs a Healing?

Some signs are: -

  • Difficulty sleeping at night or unexplained disturbances.

  • A family in conflict.

  • A sense of a presence in your home or a shiver up your spine.

  • Friends not coming round or avoiding meeting you at home.

  • A house with an un-happy history, divorce or trauma etc.

  • Feeling drained and tired all the time.

  • Simply a sense that something is wrong.

What will happen?

I start by offering a free consultation to identify the cause of the problem and to see if I can help you. I come out to your home or business and check to see what is happening. If at this stage you do decide to have the space clearing done, I go away and work remotely to re-balance and harmonise the energy of the home or business. Finally I return and do a physical cleanse of the space using sacred herbs, sound and intent to re-energise and bless the space. I also provide you with a full report of the work done, detailing what was found and the action taken.

Inspired by clients who were experiencing problems in their home, often with ghosts and psychic phenomena, I trained with Adrian Incledon-Webber of Dowsing Spirits to address these issues and many more.



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