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My name is Venita Payne and I am an experienced psychic, clairvoyant and shamanic practitioner living in Doncaster.


Are you looking for answers or advice? Are you suffering with loss or are feeling empty inside? Have you suffered trauma or are trying to cope with an addiction? Is your home no longer a sanctuary? I offer readings and ancient healing practices that may help restore balance and harmony to your life.


For over 20 years, I have assisted people in finding the answers or assistance they need, through the use of tarot reading, medicine cards, shamanic journeying and shamanic divination.  I can help you.

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Tarot and Divination

Shamanic Healing & Mentoring

House Healing

Space clearing for your home or business is a wonderful technique to clear away the past so that you can truly make a fresh start. Geopathic stress, ill health, sadness or trauma can affect the very fabric of your home. The end of a relationship - where your feel stuck and unable to move on, or if you 'sense' that there is something wrong can indicate that a space clearing is needed. By re-balancing the energy of your home you can expect to have a more vibrant and positive space, increased happiness and a greater sense of well-being.

Receive positive insights into your life using the tarot an ancient method for seeking guidance on day-to-day issues such as love, work and finances.  Ask what the future holds for you and your family.  Shamanic divination is a powerful way of seeking answers to your questions using the wisdom of the helping spirits to guide and advise you.  

Look at the spiritual cause of a problem or issue using the time-tested method of shamanism including power retrieval, soul-retrieval, extraction or entity removal.  Learn to journey for yourself and meet your own helping spirits.  Deepen your own shamanic practice to improve the quality of your experience and the results obtained.  

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